Universal Semantic Layer using AtScale on AWS

Koch Industries, a Large Agronomic and Energy Solutions company, was trying to modernize its data platform and make it cloud enabled for its internal and external customers for Data democratization and look for opportunities for Data monetization. Koch chose AWS platform after extensive evaluation of cloud providers. Along with the cloud enablement, Koch also selected AtScale (BI on Big Data Solution) to develop a universal semantic layer to aggregate data across order and inventory systems. DATAECONOMY helped Koch to develop this solution on AWS platform to realize the power of semantic layer to address complex reporting requirements. Solution helped to provide a very high response time for all the end user queries even for accessing large volumes of data.

AWS Technology Footprint Implementation

AWS RedShift, High End Amazon EC2 Instances, Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs), Elastic IP’s, Glue, S3, and EBS Volumes, Load Balancers etc.

As AtScale Professional Services partner, DATAECONOMY helped implementing and performance tuning of a Universal Sematic Layer for Order and Inventory Management system leveraging the following technologies:

  • AWS RedShift was chosen for Warehouse implementation of Order and Inventory Management.
  • AtScale on Amazon EC2 was chosen for Semantic layer creation with connection to AWS RedShift Warehouse.
  • Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) created by AWS Glue in VPC subnet established network connectivity from AWS Glue to VPC and on-prem network through VPN
  • Tableau and Other BI tools will be connecting to AtScale and AtScale in turn will be connecting to AWS RedShift. Below is the overview of the implemented architecture.

This Universal Sematic Layer using AtScale on AWS Redshift delivered following outcomes:

  • No Manual Data Movement or consolidation is required as AtScale reads the data by applying transformations during query time at AWS RedShift layer itself.
  • Provide Flexibility to Cache and store the results of the common queries and allows to refresh those results in a defined schedule.
  • AtScale provides a Universal semantic layer across BI tools and thus giving users flexibility to make changes at one place and reflect in all reports.
  • AtScale is compatible with majority of the BI tools in market and thus do not require to work from Scratch when migration between different BI tools.
  • Ease of change when source is migrated to other platforms thus having minimum or no downtime for business users.