Multitude of Technologies in Cloud and on-prem. Our Solutions Marketplace has several out of the box options that can help accelerate outcomes. Support

Our Strategy is to take the customers to Cloud-First and then establish multiple use cases to take full advantage of cloud capabilities for Business Growth and Operational Efficiencies.

DE Data Platform Modernisation Suite™
DE Data Platform Modernization Suite™

Data Platforms built on the Cloud using Micro-Services based architecture will prepare organizations for next-generation data monetization strategies.

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Self Service Data Platform
Data Market

A Data Market for The Business User to Discover, Shop, and Ship Data. An amazon like shopping experience for enterprise data users.

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Data Profiling & Discovery
Customer 720

This product leverages Graph Technology to bring the customer data from internal (Internal-360) and external sources (Extern-360) together from structured and unstructured data sources in real-time and in batch.

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Service Fabric
AML Cockpit

Address the gaps in AML stakeholder needs and enabling financials institutions to rapidly adopt to the ever-changing regulator obligations while cutting the AML costs.

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Fast Data Ingestion
Data Funnel

Provide enriched data to organizations for their business use. These data points are available as API’s so that large consumption of data at high-speed throughput can be made available to the organizations.

DevOps for Data & Analytics
Machine & IOT Lake

Capturing and Analysing Machine Data into a Machine Lake Environment to derive various machine related metrics