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Democratize and deliver more business value beyond complianceDemocratize Data and Deliver more Business Value beyond compliance
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Are you breaking the Data Governance Narrative?

Necessary Evil for Compliance
Mandatory Virtuous undertaking to unleash
the full potential of the organization

Install the culture of Data Citizen
with DATACONOMY’s Transformational Platform Solutions & Services

Tackle these Organizational Challenges

Create a Robust Business Case & get Funded

Write a winning business case by creating a purpose for the data governance and data quality and tie that to direct business value

Deliver Continuous ROI Improvements

Bring additional use cases under the Data Governance and Data Quality Platform to increase adoption while automating the data stewardship processes

Impact on Organization’s Top & Bottom line

Improve speed to market, rationalize data assets, deliver data as a service for internal and external monetization

Master Self Service Analytics at Scale

WBring efficiencies to the data & analytics functions by shifting works loads from centralized data teams to business users

Apply Metrics-Driven Methodology to Improve
Define > Define > Define > Define > Define

Data Literacy

Establish the common language for the organization to communicate & Improve the data consumption

Data Valuation

Assess organizational data assets’ value and control their costs and benefits. Eventually put them on balance sheet.

Data Quality & Lineage

Bring efficiencies to the data & analytics functions by shifting works loads from centralized data teams to business users

Process Compliance

Enable the organization to respond quickly to regulatory changes & avoid the compliance costs

We built the DATA GOVERNANCE IN-A-BOX on Collibra by taking a holistic view of the Governance for Successful Operationalization


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  • Data Governance Council
  • Data Stewardship Organization & Working Groups
  • SME Organizations (Data Custodians & System Owners)
  • Evangelists & Adoption Groups


  • Data Domain Management
  • Discovery, Cataloging & Classification Processes
  • Critical Data Element Management
  • Data Asset Certification Processes
  • Business Value Management
  • User Adoption / Automation & Charge Back Processes


  • Policy / Standards / Procedures
  • Business Glossaries / Taxonomy
  • Critical Data Elements
  • Data Security Classification
  • Data Quality Rules / Scores
  • Technology Assets (System, Data Dictionary, Lineage)
  • Source to Target Mapping, Data Models


built on Collibra to Boot strap your Data Governance Program

Save 6-9 months and $250k-$500K in implementation time & costs


Data Governance 360

A comprehensive framework and series of workflows that encompasses the 5-P classification and 8-Key checks to bring the data asset under governance for cataloging and democratization.

Prebuilt Business Glossaries

Data Stewards can get started with base-lined prebuilt business glossaries with thousands of critical business metadata elements with industry-standard definitions across multiple three industries and their sublines of businesses.


Pre-Built Micro services based APIs leveraging Collibra’s EDGE, Custom Connectors using Springboot, Talend, & Mule to seamlessly integrate Collibra’s DGC and DQ into a unified platform for a powerful value proposition.


Pre-Built Metrics-Driven Dashboards put various governance stakeholders in a pilot seat, enabling them to measure, monitor, and control the DG and DQ operations. They can impact the continuous improvement of data literacy, valuation, and quality measures.


Reduce the significant toll on data stewards and gamify their experience by applying robotics & NLP. Automatically link the business & technical metadata, certify the data elements & reports, reduce the debt by finding the duplicates, proactively bring popular data assets under governance, & more.


Demand Management
Data Management
MRM Model


  • Operating Model Set-up
  • Administration
  • Workflow & Integration Services
  • Data Governance Operations
  • Cloud Migration
  • API 1 to API2 Migration
  • Data Quality and Data Lineage
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance & Production Support

Garage Services (Proof of Concept’s, Proof of Technology, New Integration APIs)

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