Taking a leap to unlock business potential by converting obstacles into opportunities. Tackling future challenges of scale and complexities.


We are a fast-growing Data & Analytics company with a global presence. We are well-differentiated and are known for our thought leadership, out-of-the-box products, cutting-edge solutions accelerators, innovative use cases, and cost-effective service offerings.

Genesis and Mission

Our vision and mission are to "Enabling businesses to MONETIZE DATA at data speeds." We accomplish this enablement in 3 areas of expertise:

  • Building Strategies to Monetize data for disruptive business models
  • Innovate in our Garage , a plug-and-play ecosystem that provides a combination of frameworks, infrastructure, tools, and resources that creates and enables competitive business advantage through Ideation, Prototyping &Hypothesize Feasibility Analysis, and Enterprise Alignment
  • Deliver solutions at fractional costs by leveraging our out-of-the-box solutions to Accelerate Outcomes for differentiated customer experience, operational efficiencies, and business growth through data-driven actional insights

We believe that the industry is pivotal, with considerable opportunities in reimagining business models and scaling business operations by leveraging next generations technologies and ecosystem players in Big Data, Data Science, Robotics, Blockchain, Cloud, and DevOps. The genesis of DATAECONOMY stems from our understanding that there is an abundance of untapped potential in Technology, People, and the merger of Machines and People for advancement in technology initiatives.

After spending more than two decades with large global consulting services companies serving Fortune 500 companies, we founded DATAECONOMY in June 2018 to advance our charter and mission is to "Commoditize the Niche" by tackling future challenges of scale and complexity through applied innovation.


Tripled YoY Revenue Growth


Tripled Employee Growth


Doubled number of Customers


Customer Retention


Customer Satisfaction


Certified Global Advanced Technology Centers



New Partners added in the last two quarters







Doubled Speed to Market

as compared to industry bench mark delivery speed

Agile Delivery Kit | Ninja Culture | Products & Solutions | Garage for Rapid Prototyping

Products & Solutions

Our solutions & products are aimed at solving industry problems with Newer capability/technologies by Solving the Unsolved Business Use Cases. They provide Immediate & Impactful Business Outcomes i.e., improve speed to market, and reduce TCO.

Data Platform Modernization Suite

Accellarate organizations for instantaneous data monetization.

Data Market

An Amazon like shopping experience for business users to discover, shop, ship data

MDM Core

Just-Right MDM solution with out-of-the-box core functionality

Customer 720

Customer Hyper-personalization Leveraging Knowledge Graphs

Data Governance Solution Suite

Data Element 360, CCPA/GDPR Compliance, Cookie Governance, Model Risk Management...

Machine Lake

Harness the data generated by machines to enhance business insights and preventive maintenance

Data Funnel

Democratize data for real-time B2B consumption using a highly scalable and secure microservices architecture

Text Mining

AI/ML-based content processing and recommendation engine

AML Cockpit

Driving Financial Institutions from Firm centric to Purpose centric​​

Services and Offerings

Our solutions aim to solve industry problems with newer capability/technologies like Graph, AI & Machine learning, Cloud, DevOps, and Blockchain. Our key differentiator is to find the collection of technologies that can solve real-world industrial problems.

Advisory, Consulting & Project Delivery

Build a STRATEGY and realization roadmap to MONETIZE the organization's data assets and enable a NIMBLE ENTERPRISE

Partner-led Enablement

Extensive expertise in delivering solutions for its specific partners. We help the implementation of our Partner products to provide consulting and implementation expertise at scale

Data Platform Modernization

Move your data from traditional monolithic data lakes and data warehouses to more agile, real-time, microservices-based data platforms.

Augmented Analytics & Insights

Augment data with cognitive knowledge of its history and context to derive actionable insights leveraging NextGen technologies like GraphDB, Data Science, and Machine Learning.


Enabling next-generation data monetization strategies with Data Platforms built on Cloud using Microservices based architecture patterns

Data Governance

Pragmatic data governance solutions to democratize data and deliver business value beyond compliance to maximize your data governance investments


Simplify and Modernize monolithic apps through APIfication & Microservices.

Data DevOps

An end to end DevOps pipeline for Data & Analytics Project.

Incubation Garage

A plug-and-play ecosystem with a combination of frameworks, infrastructure, tools, and resources that foster rapid innovation at all levels of business organizations.


Making Client Self Sufficient

Partnerships and Recognition

We have direct partnerships with leading product vendors like AWS, Global IDs, Collibra etc. Also, we are AWS SELECT CONSULTING PARTNER and this recognition speaks on the successful deliver of solutions and value delivered to our customers.

Accelerating outcomes with our Solutions & Products

Commoditizing the niche through our suite of solutions/utilities - 26+ Next generation cutting edge Utilities in the Data Engineering, Data Science & Data Governance space to accelerate the solution delivery and business outcomes

Scale Creation
Ninja for Data and Augmented Analytics

Innovation Garage

Our Garage is a plug-and-play ecosystem of tools and technologies to fuel innovation and help our Client transform technology disruption into opportunity to unlock business potential

Managed and Outcome based Partnership

We co-pilot the delivery working, adopting a collaborative approach and fixed fee based on a predefined unit price per SLAs and Metrics for Managed Services Partnership. We take the driver seat and deliver the business outcomes in terms of preset business benefits/KPIs in a gain-share and/or fixed price model putting our skin in the game with no risk to Client for Outcome-based Partnership.

Garage Model for Innovation