There is a multitude of Technologies in Cloud and on-prem. Our Solutions Market Place has several out of the box options that can help accelerate outcomes.

Financial Crimes

DE FCPS provides solutions across AML and Fraud using next-generation technologies. Traditional techniques and technologies find it very hard to solve some of the complex industrial problems. DE solutions on FPCS features next-generation technologies to develop next-generation solutions

AML Graph Visualization

Interactive data visualization provides Alert and Case investigators with Options of Slice and Dice with multiple AML entities and relationships for disposition of the Alerts and Case

AML Alert Optimization

Post-processing models leveraging supervised learning techniques (decision tree, random forest, XGBoost) to balance risk coverage actively and precision rate across scenarios from AML Transaction monitoring solution

SAR Analytics

Advanced Reporting solution providing SAR statistics by industry type, Suspicious Activity Category, product and instrument type across selected geography, time period and regulators

Card Dispute management

Graph databases can help find the credit card thieves faster by representing the transaction data as a graph. The graph helps to identify different patterns of transactions that took place before the disputed transactions happened. These patterns help to zero down to the root cause of the dispute.

Fraud Synthetic

Criminal gangs steal identities of different people, and mix and match the SSN, phone numbers, addresses to create new synthetic identities. Typically fraud rings are formed, which are not easily traced using traditional technologies. DATAECONOMY Solution using Graph can help identify these fraud rings.

Follow the Money

DATAECONOMY has worked with a Banking Ecosystem player to develop the concept of “Follow the Money,” in a BlockChain fabric where all the banks are part of the network. Fraudsters take the money and disperse in the Ecosystem. This Blockchain network helps to understand and stops the movement of money.

AML Case Writer

Automated NLP/ML-based solution to generate case content in a pre-defined format for Cases to be reviewed and promoted into SAR by SAR writers. DE Case Writer solutions provide enhanced accuracy and consistency for SAR Narratives across the organization, improves operational efficiency & effectiveness.


These solutions are aimed at addressing audit and controls for the regulations which are published by the US Federal Government or State Government. DATAECONOMY has developed a series of tools, templates to ensure implementations are done more predictably.


Data Management Solution to address 14 principles published by FED in 2012/2013. DE has developed a comprehensive Data Certification solution that addresses key Data Architecture, Data Lineage, Data Quality, Permissible Use, SLA, and other areas of concern to ensure the right Risk Data Aggregation standards are achieved.


End to End Data Management solution to address CCAR reporting. This Solution includes Qualitative and Quantitative assessment. Defining the Critical Data Elements, Data Stewardship process and the right Data Certification framework for addressing the Reporting Needs of CCAR (FRY14 M, Q, A & FRY 9 C)


Data Governance Solution to address the CCPA requirement. This solution provides Data Catalog of all PI Data required for address CCPA requirements (Right to Know, Right to access, Right to Deletion, Right to Opt-Out, Right to Equal Service)


DATAECONOMY's membership management solution is for Organization that has a membership base. This Solution aims at improving the membership engagement score by continuously measuring members' satisfaction and providing relevant services and content for their Usage. A Continous process of identifying and capturing the interest of the members.


In today's digital age, organizations need to stay relevant to the customer's interests in real-time. DE has devised a knowledge platform where all the customer's data is merged and analyzed to develop contextual knowledge about the customer. This unique solution is based on next-generation technologies like Graph database, real-time streaming, API's, etc