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Save 6-9 Months of Implementation time, 30-40% in Implementation Costs while Improving the Data Steward Satisfaction Scores by ~50%

Industry Problem

You are a chief data officer, head of data governance, head of data governance operations….​


  • You have difficulty in creating a business case for the data governance investments as your organization has a traditional view that data governance is only for compliance​

  • Struggling to meet the organizational expectations to continue to improve ROI year-over-year on your current data governance investments​​

  • You are expected to improve speed to market, rationalize data governance assets, and improve operational efficiencies & effectiveness​​


  • Innovation & new use cases to push beyond compliance​
  • Data governance is like a special initiative, adoption on a regular basis has been challenge​​

  • New regulations keep coming for ex. CCPA. ​​
  • Regulatory implementations are still taking longer duration ​
  • Heavy toll on requirement gathering due to poor operationalization of data governance​

  • Need for data democratization for better access and consumption of data assets​​​
  • 80:20 dilemma, organizational users are spending 80% of their time in finding the right data​

The Product

We at DATAECONOMY have reimagined the purpose of data governance with 2 Themes : A set of new use cases which focus on business growth and new innovative use cases Re-usable assets consisting of processes, frameworks, and best practices

Data Element 360 Process

Impactful Outcomes


Increase in Business Revenue, decrease in operating cost

~40% ​

Time reduction & consistency for complying to new regulatory mandate like CCPA & others​


Data Steward Satisfaction due to improved clear, concise Data Governance Functions​​


Customizable 5P Methodology

A Framework to define Critical Data Assets & to determine the assets to govern and levels of Governance ​

Data Element 360 Feature - Screenshot

Data Governance Assets

Out of the Box Workflows & Templates to Accelerate in Operationalizing Data Governance​

Data Element 360 Feature - Screenshot

Data Governance Dashboard

Key Practical Metrics to Measure Success of Data Governance​

Data Element 360 Feature - Screenshot
Data Element 360 Feature - Screenshot



Right MDM Solutions to Our Size

Their MDM solution is not very costly but provides all the features of a strong MDM product, for example, a Robust Matching Engine, which is very efficient and captured more than 95% of Golden records; its engine is configurable. Additionally, DATAECONOMY has introduced a very Robust Agile Implementation process for MDM, which we would like to extend to the Organization. The team is very professional, respectful, and accommodative. It has been a great experience working with DATAECONOMY Team.

SVP, Head of Data & Analytics A Mid Size Banking and Financial Services Organization in MidWest, USA

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