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A Data Market for The Business User to Discover, Shop, and Ship Data. An amazon like shopping experience for enterprise data users.

Industry Problem

Today's enterprise business user spends 80% of the time finding data and 20% of the time analyzing it. Few of these business users are:

  • A risk analyst pressed to generate a report to meet the compliance need.
  • A data scientist's who want to crunch the data that provide insights into a new product.
  • A business user in one of the business lines investigating a particular set of transactions.
All these users have one thing in common that is they want the data 'right now'.

On the other hand, enterprise data officers such as CIO, CDO, Compliance Officer, and Data Directors who own the enterprise's data assets, always struggle to balance costs vs. capabilities. It's a dream to provide self-service capabilities to the business and avoid being a bottleneck.

At DATAECONOMY, Our philosophy is to use the Data Governance as a foundation to provide such self-service capabilities for better monetization of an organization's data assets. We have created the "Data Market" from our profound expertise in the data domain to exactly do that.

Data Market revolutionizes the organization's data culture, directly impacting the business users. We have seen significant improvements in data governance & cloud capabilities' operationalization, improved trust in the data, and improved satisfaction from these programs' business sponsors.

Powerful Self-Servicing capabilities of the "Data Market" act as a navigator to create a fit-for-purpose ecosystem of data assets across the organization, prioritizing and incrementally building and integrating.

Data Marketplace Screens

How it Works

There are lots to like about the Data Market solution and the creativity it brings. Data Market offers An Amazon-like experience for business users to Discover, Shop, and Ship data instead of spending tons of time searching for it.

Traditionally, every data request from a business user is a project by itself that involves a multitude of people and processes.

  • A project manager facilitating the effort
  • A business analyst acts as a liaison between business and IT in collecting the requirements
  • IT taking time to find the data and putting the data sets together
  • Security specialists making sure to secure the data sets and finally delivering to the business user
  • The business user might need help with the BI tool selection to analyze the data
"Data Market" gives the business user the power by eliminating all the non-value add tasks, and it puts the data sets in their hand in minutes instead of weeks if not months at a fraction of the cost.

The product sits on top of the current Data Governance and MDM assets. It searches the entire organization's metadata repositories and is integrates with Data Quality, Data Lineage, and other engines. Once the user finds the data, shipment happens to the required destination through an automated process.

"Data Market" allows the organization to adopt and scale either by business function or by data asset when rolling out across the organization.

Impactful Outcomes


Increase in Business Revenue


Reduction in Operating Costs


Improved Speed to Market


Discovery & Search

A place where user start to search looking for data to use, there are various ways to get to the data. Simple key word search, Advance search or directly clicking on the quick link and picking up a data element

Data Marketplace Screen
Data Marketplace Screen

Search Output

Shows the Display of the search results where the business terms are mapped to the physical data element, now user can start shopping and add to the shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Shows the Shopping Cart Page which continuous to grow as the user shops from different places like Wild Card Search, Business Glossary, Data Dictionary, System(s) etc. Cart also provides a point summary on how LOB’s are leveraging data market. This helps for audit and improvements

Data Marketplace Screen
Data Marketplace Screen

Shipment Started

Gives the user the status of the shipment and history

Business Glossary

Shows the Business Glossaries available in the Organization, User can Click on LEARN MORE and go into the details for shopping data element of interest

Shopping Justification

Asks the User to furnish the justification for the data request and permissible use aspects. Shipping will start right after checking for user entitlements.

Tools Inventory

A feature that provides users a view and a list of tools available in the Enterprise Data Office.

Tool Selection Engine

Provides a simple decision tree where User will be asked a set of questions on their consumption needs and based on the answers provides a recommendation on the tool available in the Data Organization space for their use case

DG Metrics

Product capture all of the critical metrics in the data governance operations space and provide a view on how the Data Governance organization is doing and where additional focus is required

Technology Features

API Based Architecture – Sits on top of any current Data Governance Assets, a plug-and-play architecture.
Anywhere Deployment – Can be deployed on-prem or cloud
Scalable – Highly configurable and customizable solution that can scale for any organizations needs



“This is Game changing and can increase the Data Usage Tremendously by leveraging Data”

- Chief Data Officer

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