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Just-Right MDM solution with out-of-the-box core functionality (Golden Record, Digital Identity, SSO Integrations)

Industry Problem

Organizations have adopted MDM for decades, and there is a slew of MDM products out there in the market. Yet, many small and medium-sized organizations haven't adopted MDM because of the combination limitations as listed below. 

  • Cost Prohibitive : Solutions are super expensive, with many bells and whistles. 
  • Too Shallow in functionality : Solutions are affordable, but they lack the core functionality implementing them somewhat useless. A perfect example of this is the match-merge process. These solutions use either a 'deterministic matching algorithm' or a 'limited probabilistic algorithm' to create a single 'golden record' for the Customer, but ending up with either un-matched or many false positives. 
  • Lack of One Digital Identity : MDM Solutions often operate in siloes, and they lack the tight integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity providers like OKTA or PING. 

Many small and medium-sized organizations are thriving for a Just-Right MDM solution that addresses the core functionality such as Golden Record, Digital Identity, SSO Integrations out-of-the-box. 


We have created an MDM solution from decades of experience in implementing industry-leading MDM product implementations at all organizations' sizes.

Affordable: Architected the Solution using open source technologies. Limited the functionality to MDM Core - what is needed.

Speed-to-Market: Implementation cycle times are 40-60% faster than the industry-leading MDM solutions.

Flexibility:The Solution is highly configurable and customizable for your Organization's specific needs and can deploy on on-prem and cloud environments.

TCO:Meager total cost of ownership as the Solution uses open source technologies, and organizations can easily maintain as part of their usual support mechanism.

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How it Works

In today's digital Context, customers are expecting a unified omnichannel digital experience. Still, many organizations have difficulty creating a single gateway experience because they have not integrated the customer records across businesses' lines and made a Golden Record. 
There are two critical reasons for this; One is the basic set of information from the Customer is not available to match customers across systems. The second is not having useful matching algorithms to identify and merge customers across systems. 

DATAECONOMY's MDM Core addresses both the concerns. 

  • The Solution captures the necessary information through a self-service portal by integrating with IDPs like OKTA, and a set of futuristic algorithms are used for Match & Merge process. 
  • The Solution feeds customer data from different sources in real-time and batches into the Customer Data Hub. Solution's AI/ML based algorithms that are both deterministic and probabilistic are applied to match and merge to generate the golden records.

MDM Core is tightly integrated with Identity Providers like OKTA and Ping to handshake when a new customer is created or modified. All Interactions between MDM Core and Identity providers are real-time so that any change in Identity information is updated in real-time to avoid Fraud or illegitimate access. 

MDM Core leverages open source technologies like Angular, R/Python/Spring, and others. For data acquisition, processing, and distribution, customers do not have any licensing cost involved from a tool standpoint. 

Impactful Outcomes


Increase in
Customer Matching


Reduction in Total
Cost of Ownership


Speed to Market


Data Validations

Configurable data validation process based on each source allowing to configure one or more validations for the same data attribute.

Financial Crimes Suite Screen
Financial Crimes Suite Screen

Match Merge

Consisting of configurable AI/ML-based algorithms are both deterministic and probabilistic to match and merge to generate the golden records in real-time.

Data Stewardship

Highly intuitive Data Steward Portal to address issues coming out of Validations, Match Merge Conflicts

Financial Crimes Suite Screen

Data Ingestion

A comprehensive process to ingest data in real-time and batch from internal and external data sources.

Digital Identity Development

Integrated with Internal and external identity provider like OKTA and PING

Real time & Batch Distribution of MDM Data

API Based on real-time and batch distribution mechanism to synchronize the downstream systems

Data Standardization

Data Standardization process includes Name and Address standardization integration with external data providers like SmartyStreets, Melisa Data, D&B, and more.

All Open-Source Technologies Leveraged

Mulesoft, Springboot, Apache Camel for API & Batch; Python & R for Match Algorithms, Angular & .Net for Data Steward Portal.



Right MDM Solutions to Our Size

Their MDM solution is not very costly but provides all the features of a strong MDM product, for example, a Robust Matching Engine, which is very efficient and captured more than 95% of Golden records; its engine is configurable. Additionally, DATAECONOMY has introduced a very Robust Agile Implementation process for MDM, which we would like to extend to the Organization. The team is very professional, respectful, and accommodative. It has been a great experience working with DATAECONOMY Team.

SVP, Head of Data & Analytics A Mid Size Banking and Financial Services Organization in MidWest, USA

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