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Accelerate organizations for instantaneous data monetization.

The Industry Problem

It is not unusual in today's world that we see organizations adopting more than one data echo system. These data echo-systems range from on-prem to Cloud and offers a multitude of bells and whistles. These two key themes are shaping up the need for efficient and effective cross-platform data migration utilities.

  • It is increasingly challenging for organizations to move the data across these echo-systems and make the best use of these platforms' tools & technologies.
  • While organizations are getting cozier with the Cloud-based echo-systems and adopting the cloud-first mindset, they often ignore that they need to work on their data strategy first. Cloud enablement of data involves re-wiring the data ingestion and data consumption; while it eliminates the technical debt, it takes time. Organizations must have data migration plans for two reasons:
    • 1) gain immediate benefits from many cloud consumption tools by pointing all future data consumption developments to cloud
    • 2) to run the data stores in parallel, so the transition is smooth.

Data organizations in large enterprises are spending time and money developing data migration frameworks, which are not business-friendly; often, these efforts yield half-baked solutions as they are neither business funded nor the highest priority of their key personnel.

How it Works

The product offers a business-friendly outfit with a UI-Driven architecture masking the technology nitty-gritty. At the same time, it provides many features such as any-to-any platform migrations, reconciling the inputs and outputs, a job scheduler for repeating transfers, incremental updates, bulk history transfers, encrypted and secure transmissions, and more.

  • A data scientist wants to use an AWS Snowflake to use Sagemaker for some hypothesis testing on a data set.
  • A business user wants to create a report from a data set using Power BI.
  • A bank wants to migrate its data assets into the cloud as part of its multi-year cloud migration plans.

The architecture of the product allows for additional data sources and target platforms. An organization's data leaders can empower their technology and business users with this product without digressing from their main charter, 'data monetization'.

"Data Platform Modernization Suit" and "Data Market" put together provides self-servicing capabilities and migration capabilities to data consumers - an ideal platform for enterprise data monetization.

Data Platform Migration Suite Process

Impactful Outcomes

Reduce cost of Migration of Data platforms by 40-50%

Faster Time to Market for cloud migration

Reduced Infrastructure & Man-power Costs


UI Based Migration Tool

a UI-Driven tool where the user can select the source, target, validation logic, and other configurations for migration.

Data Platform Migration Suite Screen
Data Platform Migration Suite Screen

Reconciliation & Validation Process

The tool produces a reconciliation report showing any discrepancies between source and target data. A bi-level reconciliation process ensures accuracy and no-breaks - total control level and attribute level.

Support for Variety of Formats

The tool supports several target deployment platforms such as Parquet, AVRO, ORC, and more.

Data Platform Migration Suite Screen

Performance Management

The tool provides configurable parameters to set the maximum number of users and the copy jobs for simultaneous executions.

Any-to-Any Platform Migration

The Tool allows users to migrate from any platform to any platform. Users can migrate data from an On-Prem to a cloud platform or a Big Data Hadoop platform to a Cloud platform.


The tool allows you to specify if the data has to be tokenized while copying the data from source to target environment. It allows to specify custom tools (Protegrity) that can be leveraged for tokenization.



“Data Platform Modernization Suite has a great potential for us to migrate from on-prem to cloud and also reduce our operational cost.

SVP, Data Lake operations, A Medium Size Bank in US

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