Data is in abundance! Build a STRATEGY, MODERNIZE data platforms, and implement reimagined solutions to MONETIZE and GOVERN your data assets.


Organizations today face exploding volumes of information generated by humans and machines, both within and outside the organization. At DATAECONOMY, we help the Businesses harness the untapped potential of this data abundance and assetize the data, leveraging a fit-for-purpose ecosystem of technologies on Big Data, Data Science, Data Governance, Cloud, and DevOps. While organizations are leaping with next-generation technologies, there will always be a period of co-existence. At DATAECONOMY, we take a constructive approach and ensures platforms have co-existence capabilities.

Data Strategy Consulting

The velocity and volume of data coupled with the elasticity and scalability of cloud technologies are disrupting today’s business models and driving digital transformation. We provide advisory, Discovery, and Roadmap development services for Target State Data Strategy and Realization Roadmap.

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Data Platform Modernization

We help Organizations modernize their data platforms that enable them to be future-ready in terms of scale, speed, and adaptability, leveraging an ecosystem of Big Data, Cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) and DevOps technologies.

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Data Engineering Services

End-to-end Data Engineering services for On-prem and Cloud technologies with a focus on creating data pipelines, big data platforms, and data integrations in databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

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Cloud Migration

With a multitude of technologies in Big Data and Cloud, We can help bring these together to develop a “Fit for Purpose Architecture” and maximize your investments by migrating your data workloads to Cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP).

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