Cloud-First services and solutions for immediate return on investments with our innovative use cases.

Cloud Partners

Data Democratization is the key to innovation. Data Platforms built on the Cloud using Micro-Services based architecture will prepare organizations for next-generation data monetization strategies.

Move your data to more agile, real-time, micro-services based data platforms on the Cloud from traditional monolithic data lakes, and Data warehouses. DATAECONOMY’s solutions and services propel the cloud journey for organizations.

Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

Build a STRATEGY and realization roadmap to MONETIZE your data assets and enable a NIMBLE ENTERPISE.

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Data Engineering Services

  • Teradata, oracle and Hadoop Migration
  • Micro-services based Datawarehouse implementation
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Data Consumption Services

  • Consumption API’s for large scale internal and public consumption
  • Data Reporting Services
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Data Science Services

  • Machine learning model development
  • Deep learning Model Development & Execution
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Cloud Garage Services

A plug-and-play ecosystem with a combination of frameworks, infrastructure, tools, and resources that foster rapid innovation at all levels of business organizations.


Idea generation and prioritization based on organizational needs


Developing prototypes and use cases for business consumption


Evaluating Technology and tools for different use cases and their feasibility


Making sure the solutions from the garage are aligned with enterprise architecture and technology landscape goals.