In Data, we TRUST! Enable business-ready Data you can trust and next-generation ENTERPRISE Data Market for self-service data discovery and shopping.


We help organizations discover the power of their data by enabling trust and confidence in the data for decision making. We help Organizations Achieve Complete Control over their data by:

  • Enabling trust and confidence in the data for decision making
  • Enforcing data policy controls to ensure compliance as the data moves across systems and processes
  • Creating Enterprise Data Market through amazonification of metadata and enable business users to unlock the power of data in the organization.
And, our services are enabled by the premier partnership with Collibra.

Enterprise Data Policy and Data Governance Operating Model

We help organizations define their Data Policy covering all aspects of Data Privacy and Permissible Use to ensure that the integrity, availability, confidentiality of data is maintained throughout its lifecycle. We design an effective Data Governance Operating Model that ensures compliance with the Enterprise Data Policy through a sophisticated design of the operations and workflows for a self-organized and democratized Enterprise Data Governance.

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Data Governance Platform Implementation

Data is your most valuable asset, and you need to make the most of it. We help Organizations implement Data Governance Platforms, Workflows, and Integration with SORs and ADRs. Our expertise also includes Platform Migration to Cloud and API v1 to API v2 Migration.

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Data Governance Operations as a Service

We provide end-to-end Data Governance operations as a service implementing use cases supporting enterprise data management strategy and foundational capabilities by populating Data Requirement Documents(DRDs), Defining Data Dictionary, Data Glossary and Identification of critical data elements.

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Enterprise Data Market

We implement Enterprise Data Market solution enabling

  • A next-generation searchable glossary and data dictionary across organization assets with usage and other key metrics;
  • Amazonfication like data shopping and shipment functionality.
  • A chargeback model based on the usage of Data
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Pixel Governance

We help implement Pixel Governance solution covering the following key capabilities:

  • Managing approvals for all unknown new Pixels after screening from the DA IT Team
  • Enable multiple approvals/parallel approvals
  • Metadata structure and repository to hold old and new Pixels
  • Communication / Notifications to all stakeholders for all interim activities
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GDPR and CCPA Compliance

We implement end-to-end CCPA and GDPR Data Governance solutions covering the following key areas:

  • Configuring the operating model for CCPA and GDPR
  • Workflows required for managing the Data Governance process
  • Integration needed for CCPA and GDPR metadata intake

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