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Cookie Management, a data governance solution to ensure compliance of PI data on web channels​​​

Customer Ask

We don't have a defined governance mechanism to govern the PI data in the cookies that we use on our public-facing websites and other marketing venues, clearly a regulator and compliance issue​
Implemented a solution as part of the data governance framework to govern the cookies and other digital footprints embedded in corporate sites and other marketing venues, a regulatory and compliance issue for financial institutions​

“A very creative solution that leverages our existing Data Governance investment”​​​Quote

VP, Data Governance,
A Regional Bank in New England Area​


A comprehensive process for Cookie Governance, reduced the time to implement Cookie

The Solution

A cookie is a piece of software that Organizations give to different public websites to embed in their applications to advertise their products or campaign management. Cookie Management Solution helps in Governance of cookies, and once the cookies are certified by Data Governance, Information / Cyber Security teams, then it goes into the public website for mass view.​

Advanced Cookie for social media

Core Features

  • Operating Model for Digital Community which defines Community, Domain and Assets for Cookie​
  • Workflows for Cookie process management​